Strategic Product Design & Innovation Consulting

We are an industrial design & innovation studio.


We create people-focused, intuitive and innovative solutions, helping our partners deliver ground-breaking products that connect closely with their customers.

We design & develop new products across a number of industries including medical devices, consumer electronics, beauty & packaging, homeware and many more.

We offer a complete product development service including concept design, design development, mechanical & electronic engineering, rendering, prototyping and design for manufacture.


We can help you design, develop and manufacture your next hardware product.


Jared is an Industrial Designer with a broad experience of the entire product development process.

He is skilled at conceptualising an idea and taking it through design development and manufacture.

He is a Red Dot Design Award winner and has more than 15 years of experience helping bring over 200 products to market.

Jared's broad experience allows him to consult and advise on all matters relating to design & innovation. 



We are constantly working on exciting and innovative projects & collaborations.

We take on projects and partners that align with our vision and passions, as well as exude the same energy and excitement with which we approach all of our work. In this way we are able to offer our partners our full focus and not dilute our offerings. 

We will publish select content where possible. Please contact us to enquire what we are currently working on and for up to date examples of our work.


Drop us a line to say hi !


Monday – Friday: 09:00 –  17:00

+27 (0)76 234 9417  - Cape Town, SA



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